The Ferndale Museum, a charitable nonprofit organization, celebrates 45 years of gathering, interpreting, preserving, and sharing the story of Ferndale and the Eel River Valley. The Museum has enhanced our sense of community and challenged us to embrace the past, while enriching the present.

We are a diverse, inclusive, creative organization that continually seeks new ways to tell our story—and, perhaps most important—to listen to the story that informs us all.


We encourage everyone to visit the museum, including people with disabilities, and ask anyone who needs special accommodations to contact us in advance so we can make their visit a great success. Please call 707-786-4466 with any questions you might have.

Protecting Our Exhibits & Collections

The care and preservation of our exhibits and collections is an important responsibility of the Ferndale Museum.

Here are ways you can help:

  • Please do not touch the displays (except the ones we encourage you to touch, like the player piano!)
  • The Museum’s space is small and, in many spots, narrow. Large purses and shopping bags, backpacks and baby carriers can create bottlenecks and collisions with other visitors and staff. It is best to leave them in the car or, as in the case of a baby carrier, wear it on the front of your body. Again, the small space makes it unwise to carry children on your shoulders.
  • All food, drink, and smoking materials are prohibited inside the building.
  • Mobile phones do not work inside the building. Talking and texting has to take place outside, where there is a signal.
  • Pets: Not really a good idea around treasured items. Please ask.